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The Great American Eclipse of 2024

Excitement builds for much of North American waits for their chance to experience a Solar Eclipse passing overhead. Along with the excitement, there’s some uncomfortable feelings building as well. FOMO or Fear of Missing Out along with frustration with from unmet expectations create contradictory feelings. These mixed signals and unexpected consequences come from the steroid shot this Eclipse gives to the already challenging Mercury Retrograde period. Allow extra time, consider alternative plans and prepare for surprises.

We have 3 big sources of energy creating our current mixed signals: Mercury Rx, an Eclipse and the meeting of Mars and Saturn. Starting April 1st, we’ll be dealing with the unnecessary rush of Mercury Rx in Aries as well as the usual misunderstandings and mistakes that come when we hurry. We’ve a couple more weeks before the worst is over and longer before it’s cleaned up. Increasing the impatience and fast changes is the Solar Eclipse happening in Aries. The planet that rules Aries is Mars and that makes the current struggles of the God of War a bigger player in the Eclipse and Retrograde season. Mars loves the heat and urgency of Aries that allows it to rush into battle. The intensity of a direct hit isn’t available to Mars when in Pisces, instead only passive-aggressive tactics or the work of a spiritual warrior are available. Making the normal hustle of Mars even more restrained is the joining of Saturn, the planet of limits and patience. Saturn inhibits the initiative that Mars embodies, cooling what longs for heat and draining us of energy.

Aries urges us to act quick, be original and fight to win. The upsets we endure during these Aries Eclipses will either bring fast changes or fizzle out the hoped-for potential in one area of our chart. Luckily, we have 3 chances at making those changes. If you weren’t able to make it happen in 2023, you have 2 more chances. The Great American Eclipse fights at a disadvantage with Mercury Retrograde in Aries messing with our communications. However the Aries Eclipse in 2025 will have both Mercury and Venus Retrograde so we’ll have to use the eager Fire of Aries to get us through the miscommunications and relationship snarls.

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