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All About Mercury

Gemini highlights the quick thinking, communication and sometimes tricky and changeable nature of this planet that gives its name to the word mercurial. While Mercury in Gemini embodies the trickster, Mercury in Virgo embodies the crafty trader. While Mercury in an Earth Sign is less flexible than when it is in Air, with the help of the Mutable nature of Virgo, Mercury is able to adapt, repurpose and cobble together whatever it needs to solve a practical issue.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, Ace of Wands, shows a living wand over land indicating the rising of passion.

Ace of Wands

Pure passion triumphs.
Express yourself. You’re given artistic license. Flaunt your flair. Feed the fire in your gut.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 2 of Wands, shows a traveler holding a globe with walking staffs indicating the need to plan how to get somewhere.

Two of Wands

Focus on where you want to go. Plan your travel. Get ready for a trip.
Time to develop your vision of the future.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Cards, 3 of Wands, shows a figure with three walking staffs mid-journey indicating a time of travel.

Three of Wands

Course corrections are needed in the middle of this journey. Travel or time apart brings clarity and perspective.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 4 of Wands, shows a wedding celebration indicating a joyous time.

Four of Wands

Celebrate your success.
Throw a party.
Get married.
Luck is
on your side.
Wonderful outcomes await.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 5 of Wands, shows fighting with staffs indicating conflict.

Five of Wands

Harsh words. Office politics. Rumors.
Too many opinions. You can’t make everyone happy.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 6 of Wands, shows a triumphant parade indicating great success.

Six of Wands

Victory. Celebrate your success. You kept your balance during a difficult struggle that now is past.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 7 of Wands, shows a fighter defending their high ground indicating a need to defend your positions of power.

Seven of Wands

Be prepared to prove yourself. Struggle followed by success. Defend your space. Jealousy surrounds you.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 8 of Wands, shows 8 wands flashing through the air indicating quick and active movement.

Eight of Wands

Everything is in motion.
Keep dancing as fast as you can. Your hustle will pay off. This crazy time won’t last forever.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, the 9 of Wands, shows a worker planning their final touches indicating the successful completion of important work.

Nine of Wands

Preparations are almost complete. Review your efforts before the final push. Don’t stop now. Success awaits.