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Jane also teaches these classes…

Astrology Made Simple

You know your Sun Sign, what’s next? Come learn the basics of your birth chart in a simple and powerful way. If you can write a sentence, you can learn to interpret your chart. We’ll learn about the signs and planets, and how they can influence your life profoundly. You’ll get a copy of your chart and a handout that helps you understand each part of the birth chart. How do you express your feelings? What drives and motivates you? You’ll need to give your birth date, time and location when you register.If you’ve taken this class before, you can give the birth data for a family member and learn about them!
This is the perfect session for anyone with a beginner-level interest in astrology, or anyone looking to brush up on their birth chart skills. Due to the extensive preparation based on each participant’s birth data, this class is by pre-paid reservation only, and is non-refundable.

Right Brain / Left Brain Tarot

A beginner-level Tarot course presented by and for those coming from either a left- or right-brain perspective. Tarot is a powerful tool for divination and personal growth. Join Charise (left-brain), and Jane Pierce (right-brain), as they share their decades of reading experience. Learn the traditional meanings of each card as well as how to use your own psychic gifts. Then ACTUALLY give readings and get feed back. Come learn a foundational approach to reading Tarot for yourself and others. This course will meet 6 times, usually once a week for 6 weeks.

Eating as Intention Work

Food not only feeds our bodies, we can charge our food to feed our souls. Learn how to imbue what you create with your intentions for health, harmony and happiness.

Moon Magik

Come learn how to work with Moon Magick in general and the Full Moon in Pisces in particular. This class is just two days before the last eclipse of the year, so you can increase the insights brought by spiritual Pisces and use the eclipse to push forward what you want to change about yourself and your world. We’ll make bath salts or salt scrubs to aid you in your work.

Tarot and the Tree of Life

From the Fool to the World, the journey of the Major Arcana of the Tarot is based on the paths that connect the spheres on the Tree of Life. Learn about the three Pillars and ten Spheres of the Tree of Life and the way it shapes the Tarot. We’ll open and close with a brief ritual as well a meditation so you too can take the Fool’s Journey down the Tree.

Creating an Ancestor Altar

Like a parent loves a child, our ancestors long to help us. Come learn ways to open yourself to the gifts your ancestors want to give you. Bring an item that reminds you of one of your Beloved Dead to use in a short ritual.

Charging a Magikal Item

Bring an item (or several) and we’ll talk about the many ways to cleanse it, charge it and use it. Then, of course, we’ll cleanse, charge and use those items.

Creating Prosperity: Energy of Money

What’s true about money? Let’s work on where we stand in the way of our own prosperity. We’ll identify ways to increase our abundance using Feng Shui, Gratitude Energy, and ancestor offerings. Join us for a discussion of how money is affected by subtle energy and psychology. Learn magical techniques for creating more, then participate in a ritual designed to bring wealth to you.


Creating the still and balanced point within that allows you to use your power most effectively. This class will use techniques from a variety of systems, including Ceremonial Magick, Shamanism, and Wicca, as well as those created by Jane.

Moving Through the Energy

Come raise some energy then experience how it feels to move through it in different ways. We’ll use a variety of ritual structures based on the participant’s preferences, including Kheprian, Wiccan, Shamanic and Ceremonial ritual set-ups.

Basic Ritual Construction

Every ritual needs three things, come learn what those are and the many ways to include them. We will then experiment in creating a ritual designed by the class, including elements from Kheprian, Wiccan, Shamanism or Ceremonial Magick.

Shamanic Rituals

Shamans are the wounded healers in every culture. Come learn how they operate in modern society. Using sound, intuition and guides, we will explore our shamanic body, work with a mesa and experience a shamanic journey. Rattles and drums welcome but not necessary. Mesa supplies available to purchase if requested before class.

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

You know your Sun Sign, what’s next? For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory… with these opening words, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram begins by placing the Tree of Life on your body. For clearing yourself and creating sacred space, this is the start of working with the Tree. Learn how to use it’s ancient power in your own work.You know your Sun Sign, what’s next?

Reversed Tarot Cards

Do you struggle to understand the meanings of tarot cards when they appear reversed? Join in for this lively discussion of the 4 ways to interrupt a reversed card.

Honoring Our Ancestors

Like a parent loves a child, our ancestors long to help us. Come learn ways to open yourself to the gifts your ancestors want to give you. Bring an item that reminds you of one of your Beloved Dead to use in a short ritual.

Magikal Cleaning

Come discuss the many reasons and ways to magickally clean your space. Then practice a few techniques for cleaning your own energetic body.

Because I said so…

How can you increase the power of your word in your life and the world? We’ll discuss some simple techniques for increasing personal power and look at what may have been stopping you. Then join together in a ritual that will banish your blocks and give your words more weight.