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And The Sky Grew Dark In the Middle of the Day…

During a solar eclipse, the sky darkens as the shadow of the Moon begins to block the Sun’s light. Daylight grows dimmer for a couple hours before and after the exact Eclipse, although the total blocking of the Sun by the Moon will last for less than 5 minutes. During the Great American Eclipse of 2024, 90% of the Sun’s light will be blocked for over half an hour before and after the nearly 5 minutes of total blockage.

Solar eclipses are New Moons with extra punch. Like a New Moon, a solar eclipse often heralds a time of new beginnings as well as the endings that proceed them. The eclipse happens when the Moon comes between the Earth and Sun stopping us from seeing the Sun’s light for a few minutes. Solar Eclipses block our expression or energy and can cause dramatic removals which forces us to re-examine the affected areas of our lives.

Astrologically, the Moon represents our bodies, emotions and connections. The Sun represents our mind, ideals and self-expression. During an eclipse when the Moon overtakes the Sun, our bodies may overrule what our minds choose. This conflict between the body and mind is so well expressed in the song As good as I once was. Where the recently deceased Toby Keith sings

“Now my body says “Oh, You can’t do this boy”
But my pride says “Oh yes you can”

In addition to being surprised to discover our bodies struggle to do what our minds believe we can, there are other possible challenges during a solar eclipse. We may find our emotions overtaking our ideals at this time as if the shinning light of our noblest goals is eclipsed by our darker emotional impulses. On the other hand, we may find ourselves shocked by how our connections, memories and interdependence impact the normal expression of our identity and self-reliance. Unexpectedly needing help or the discomfort with asking for help are common experiences when the Sun our Solar King is blocked by the communal Moon. Having a previously strong, central leader brought down by an emotional group or mob mentality is another likely expression of solar eclipse energy.

Every Solar Eclipse is a New Moon but only 2 New Moons a year have Eclipse energy. The Eclipse energy varies in intensity because some eclipses are partial while others are total. Everywhere on the planet experiences the energy of an eclipse, including the locations where the eclipse isn’t visible. The eclipse’s energetic impact is strongest in locations where the eclipse is visible. Having a visible total eclipse in your area is the most powerful eclipse experience. Because the Eclipse can create shocking energy and unexpected outcomes, having only a few powerful eclipse experiences in a lifetime might be for the best.

In 2017 many parts of North America experienced the 3 hours of dimming light and the almost 3 minutes of total blockage of the Sun. You may recall 2017 as a pivotal year for America for many reasons. The Solar Eclipse of 2024 will have a similar impact as it is both a total eclipse as well as one that travels the entire width of the country. Not until 2044 & 2045 will an Eclipse once again be visible from the continental US. Neither of those eclipses will travel through as much of the US as happened in 2017 and 2024, thus their impact, while strong, won’t be as intense for a majority of the country. For most people, the Great American Eclipse of 2024 will be the last one of such power during their lifetime.

For more detailed information on the impact of the upcoming solar eclipse, check out this blog about the Great American Eclipse of 2024.