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I believe that knowing yourself is as important as knowing the future.

Tarot Jane

Tarot Readings

Making big decisions? Need some perspective? Jane’s intuitive counseling and tarot readings are here for you


Are you looking for cosmic confirmation? Listen to what the stars are trying to tell you!

Upcoming Classes

T.E.A. with Jane

Join a group of growing Intuitives every 2nd Monday for Tarot, Energywork and Astrology conversations. Use Tarot and astrology to guide your goals. If you have a Tarot deck handy, I’ll help you give a reading for yourself or others. Learn a new Energetic technique each class and how can you make the most of each month’s Full Moon.

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What do people have to say about Jane?


A talented and trusted tarot reader and teacher! I highly recommend anyone to have a reading or lesson by Jane! She takes the time to explain the answers to your questions with compassion and understanding, and makes you comfortable into diving the depths of all possibilities, and avenues you may have never thought possible.

Danielle Dunham


Every reading from Jane has been incredibly accurate! She is such wealth of knowledge…her guidance and insight have helped me tremendously over the years..

Charise Jacobs


Jane is an amazing reader and astrologist. She shoots straight from the hip and tells it like it is. She is a wealth of knowledge and intuition! Highly recommend!

Jessica Lynn