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Major Arcana

Tarot Cards and The Tree of Life

Did you know that you can use the Tree of Life to understand the meanings of all 78 Tarot Cards?

The Benefits of Daily Tarot Readings

The Benefits of Daily Tarot Readings

Pulling tarot cards each day is part of a healthy routine that brings many more benefits than simply helping to know the future.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 4 of Cups, shows a figure under a tree with a hand offering a cup indicating a time of dreaming.

Four of Cups

Dream big.
Gratitude followed by wanting more feeds your success. Visualize what having it all means for you.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 8 of Swords, shows an imprisoned figure indicating the willingness to allow yourself to be trapped.

Eight of Swords

Feeling trapped? You have the power to free yourself. Drastic change is the answer you’ll be stuck until you do.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, the 8 of Cups, shows a figure walking away from 8 cups indicating the time for emotional distance.

Eight of Cups

Strike out on your own.
With this mountain of mixed feelings, the only resolution is to try something new.

The RWS King of Pentacles shows an King surrounded with Earthy gifts and speak of stable authority.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles enjoys working because he doesn’t rush or skimp on tools. Provide yourself with resources to do your best. Stable and steady win the day.

The 22nd RWS Major Arcana Tarot Card shows a women surrounded by the symbols of the 4 fixed astrology symbols indicating completion.

21 – The World

The outcome is positive in thought, action, feeling and practical ways. Celebrate and reflect in the pause before becoming the Fool once again.

The 21st RWS Major Arcana Tarot Card shows an angel blowing the horn on Judgement Day indicating an time of reckoning.

20 – Judgement

Make a final decision and stick to it. Others are firm in their evaluation. No partial credit so proof your work. A past kindness pays off or an old lie is revealed.

The 20th RWS Major Arcana Tarot Card shows a child riding beneath a shining Sun and foretells success.

19 – The Sun

You have won your place in the Sun. Authorities favor you and success begets more success. Increased vitality should be harnessed, beware of burn out.

The 19th RWS Major Arcana Tarot Card shows two animals howling at the Moon and indicates the cycles of life.

18 – The Moon

Cycles rule your life. While you may long for quicker healing, flare ups rise and fade. Growth comes in waves. Honor your cycles, plan for ebbs and flows.