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The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Sword, Ace of Pentacles, shows a hand holding a Pentacle over a fertile land indicating pure practical and mundane work.

Ace of Pentacles

Practicality triumphs. Forget experts and use common sense. Done is better than perfect. Back to the basics.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 2 of Pentacles shows a juggler with two coins indicating the need to balance money.

Two of Pentacles

Dynamic balance needed to juggle multiple opportunities. Decisions require adjustments.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 3 of Pentacles, three people making plans indicating contracts to be witnessed.

Three of Pentacles

Time for commitment and contracts. Witnesses and expert help may be needed. Practicality decides whose to include.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 4 of Pentacles, shows a miser grasping coins indicating the hoarding of money.

Four of Pentacles

Save as much as you can. Indulgence
or waste harms you.
You don’t need to be a miser or greedy, just frugal.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 6 of Pentacles, shows a wealthy figure weighing their charitable gifts indicating the need for balanced generosity.

Six of Pentacles

Be generous. Pay it forward. Give fairly. Balance your gifts of time and money. Charity now spreads fortune to all.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 7 of Pentacles, shows a farmer looking over their growing crop indicating nurturing future success.

Seven of Pentacles

Your success
is coming. Be patient and keep up the good work. You will harvest all that you have planted.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, the 8 of Pentacles, shows a worker hammering away on their craft indicating the accumulation of the fruits of their labor.

Eight of Pentacles

Hard and steady work bring success.
You are on the right track,
keep it up.
Persistence will be rewarded.

The RWS Minor Tarot Card, the 9 of Pentacles, shows a successful woman admiring her land indicating growing wealth and resources.

Nine of Pentacles

You are growing a bountiful foundation. Pregnancy or new projects are coming. Prepare for success.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card shows a multigenerational prosperous family indicating the peak of wealth and health.

Ten of Pentacles

Wealth, health and long life
are yours. Your stable home crowded with people and pets of all ages brings joy.

The RWS Court Card, the Page of Pentacles, holds a pentacle up indicating a message of practical significance.

Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles comes when actions speak louder than words. Be practical. Apply a simple upgrade to your physical or financial health.