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Double Indulgent Full Moons

The Sun shines best during its trip through kingly Leo. Taking vacations, gathering around a bonfire or showcasing your brilliant self, July and August are the best times for indulging and shining. Come the Full Moon in Aquarius, which only happens while the Sun is in Leo, we add the unconscious pull to be part of the community. Not only does Leo still desire the spotlight, but an Aquarius Full Moon subtly draws us to bigger crowds. In most years, we have one shot at each sign’s Full Moon. In 2021, we double up getting two Aquarius Full Moons while the Sun is in Leo.

How do we get TWO Aquarius Full Moons? Without going into too much math… Full Moons happen every 29 and ½ days. The Sun spends a month in each sign. Only when the Moon happens to be opposite the Sun on the first days of a Sun Sign, is there time to squeak another Full Moon into the 30 some day cycle. So this summer we have two Full Moons while the Sun is in Leo, one at the beginning of Leo and the other at the end. 

This first Full Moon builds while old Luna is in Capricorn and will continue to make us feel the weight of all the work needed. On Thursday the Sun struts into Leo and we begin feeling our power. Then Friday evening, July 23rd, the Moon wanders into Aquarius directly opposite the Sun waiting at 1 degree Leo thus creating a Full Moon. Suddenly we’ll find ourselves with the urge to throw caution to the wind and have fun all weekend long. 

Making that urge stronger, beautiful Venus and jovial Jupiter are joining the Full Moon’s push to enjoy life. Added to the tail end of the Venus – Mars sexual awakening of the last few weeks, this is the time to get lucky. A new love interest or new activities with your current lover are part of the summer fun. We may find ourselves willing to risk harmony to find love and passion. Irritations around old or current relationships may peak. Set boundaries early to avoid regret over how we go as this Full Moon slides us along into letting our feelings fly.

The second Full Moon with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius happens early on Sunday, August 22nd. We’ll be a month into the indulgent energy of Leo and likely spend the weekend celebrating the Full Moon or at least grasping for the last summer fun. Lucky Jupiter joins the Full Moon so if we give ourselves Sunday as a buffer, we’ll be sitting pretty. Venus has traveled just enough to engage Saturn instead of Jupiter so we’ll have a great chance for long term success in love and money if we make use of the expansive opportunities we’ve gotten from these two indulgent summer Full Moons.