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Change vs Comfort

Practically speaking, the end of January is full of contradictions. We long for change so we’re speeding up our thoughts on innovative improvements. We also long for comfort and the push for more comes at the risk of losing our cool. While we long to indulge in creature comforts, the urgency for change is competing with our desire to slow down and enjoy. Our emotional reactions to the details are making both urges more intense.

Mercury on Mars brings verbal fights and physical conflict over communication tools. Because of a Mercury Retrograde in December, we have to face three hot periods where Mercury meets Mars instead of the more normal one and done. The first of this series happened on October 29th with the two planets in Scorpio. In December, while Mercury was retrograde in Sagittarius, it backed up and collided with Mars for a second time. In January, these two planets will meet for a third time, and we’ll be done with this struggle until late in 2025.

Three days of the Moon in Taurus intensifies the dynamics of the 5 other planets in Earth signs. Two groups are pushing for different approaches to solving our practical concerns. Following the lucky Leo Full Moon, we lean towards enjoyment and comfort food before feeling the urgent craving for change and action.

With Mercury, Venus and Mars moving through Capricorn without the weight of Pluto, our practical needs are more obvious. Mercury and Mars join forces for the third time and they turn their heat towards ambitious material goals. With the Retrograde period past, we have a better shot at using this energy to move our plans forward instead of blowing up in frustration. Venus glides into Capricorn looking for pleasure and harmony that isn’t served by the hustle of Mercury and Mars. Eventually, Venus will be seduced by Mars and throw her efforts into grabbing more expensive indulgences. Look for more about the Venus and Mars seduction in upcoming blogs.

The quick moving planets in Capricorn are highlighting the long term issues brought by our 6th year of Uranus causing rebellions in Taurus. This week, Mercury and Mars team up with Uranus shocking everyone with their impetus for change and action.

Jupiter’s year long trip through Taurus ends in May and we’ve only a few more months to seize the abundance it offers. Venus teams up with Jupiter who offers her hope and abundance. Jupiter and Venus, the Great and Lesser Benefic, always bring a boost of pleasure and luck that is doubled when they work together.

Jan 27 ~ Mercury conjunct Mars
Jan 28 ~ Grand Earth Trine Moon, Venus, Jupiter
Jan 29 ~ Grand Earth Trine Moon, Mercury / Mars, Uranus

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