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The Difficult Balance of October’s New Moon

A figure works to maintain their balance showing the difficult balance required during the Libra New Moon.

October’s New Moon turns up the volume on the theme songs of our past. What you avoided in September could make this New Moon even rougher as Mercury joins 6 other retrograde planets. Click this link to learn more about the 7 Retrograde Planets.

First, the New Moon in Libra happens to conjunct Mars which is harsh. And that cranky threesome is semi-square Venus. Which means we’re going to have difficulties keeping the peace both because Venus isn’t working well and because Mars, the God of War, is working too well.

But what about the rest of the planets? Won’t they mitigate that mess? Nope. EVERY other planet is retrograde. Mercury Retrograde usually is felt the most because of its shorter time span.  Well, Mercury is only 7 degrees off the New Moon Stellium which some is close enough to Mars to make a mess.

Chiron Retrograde is opposite the New Moon begging to have its wounds placed first even as Mars is aggressively demanding that we MUST take turns.

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  • Mercury Retrograde Sep 27 to Oct 18
  • Jupiter Rx June 20 to Oct 18
  • Saturn Rx May 23 to Oct 11
  • Uranus Rx Aug 19 to Jan 18
  • Neptune Rx June 25 to Dec 1
  • Pluto Rx Apr 27 to Oct 6
  • Chiron Rx Jul 15 to Dec 19