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Scorpio New Moon

A scientist shakes a jar in frustration. This Scorpio New Moon will be full of the unexplainable.

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 4th is the last lunar event before the Eclipse. This is the time to ask ourselves, “How have we handled the unexpected events of 2021?” We can’t make sense of other people’s choices and trying to understand them will only increase the frustration. When we look at this past year, consider which of our reactions gave the best results.

Now’s the time to figure out how to create the best response to future frustrations and disruptions. Life won’t stop being crazy and surprising. We don’t have to be upset by the many disruptions. What will help ease potential unpleasantness? We can’t correct the global supply chain. Maybe we’ll allow extra time for shipping, shop local or give gift certificates for Holiday gifts so we aren’t disappointed by delays. We can’t change other people. Maybe we’ll make our personal surroundings more pleasant, or declutter our friend list on social media. Maybe we’ll create new traditions based on the best parts of the last year. The possibilities are endless as we grow more clear about our deepest desires. Exploring now what makes us happy, and identifying what doesn’t, will serve us well for the rest of the year.

This New Moon and Sun in Scorpio happens exactly opposite disruptive Uranus which has been upsetting traditions and stability all year. The long term result may bring technological inventions and revolutionary ideas for handling our financial needs. Living through these interesting Uranus times means surviving the upsets we can’t change and becoming very clear about what we can and can’t control. Saturn loves to control things and will soon be back in conflict with Uranus. Until that happens, we have Mars also in Scorpio picking a fight while it squares Saturn. This strengthens long held conflicts and the desire to win the fight by either dramatically slicing them off like Mars in Scorpio wants or slowly choking their access to the community like Saturn in Aquarius prefers.

Mercury is still urging fair and objective communication as it comes to the end of its over 2 months trip through Libra. Venus sextiles Mercury adding a temporarily pleasing and generous tone in the final degree of Sagittarius.

The time between this New Moon and the Eclipse on November 19th will be full of invitations to lose our temper, speak in haste and throw words if not actual objects. Getting clear now will mean the difficult decision included calm reflection time. Consider the coming frustration as the reviving of an engine for change that is building in power. Let the power build until you have a clear direction for that burst of speed.

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The Phoenix rises from the ashes.
What will you allow to rise from the ashes as part of Scorpio Season’s transformation?