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Digging Deep During the Eclipse

The Taurus Full Moon on November 19th kicks off a 2 year cycle challenging us to step out of our comfort zones and work for deeper solutions. During a Lunar Eclipse, the Sun blocks the light of the Moon and we have the opportunity to reset our emotional compass. Right now the Scorpio Sun offers energy that is ripe for transformation. The emotional need for familiarity that usually comes with a Taurus Full Moon fades as the Scorpio Sun covers the Moon. Perhaps all the changes of the pandemic have stripped away old expectations to allow new growth or some unique circumstances will provide the supportive space for our evolution. Where we feel safe may have a radical change with this energy.

After two difficult weeks, the emotional reset of this Lunar Eclipse is very welcome. We’ve changed our comfort zones and confronted issues we were avoiding. Now we’ll have the support we need to create a new standard for ourselves. A “New Normal” that changes the power dynamics between internal and external motivation. As the loci of control switches to honor both our bodies and our heart, we are entering a two year period of examining the tension between our physical urges and our long term emotional goals. As part of keeping our mouth from writing checks we can’t cash and stopping ourselves from joining a fight that no one can win, we will have to bring our words in better alignment with our values. This includes how we talk to ourselves.

Get mad for the right reasons and direct your angry words and the determination to change at the deeper cause NOT at the people pointing out the issue. Allow powerful insights into areas that stubbornly held on from your past to free you from physical limitations. Secrets will be impossible to keep and simply add to the tension for those who try to hide things. Resisting this energy to emerge from our shells will no longer offer safety and instead will set us up for a blaze of passion that will burn it all down and force us to rise from the ashes.

If you are questioning where you’ve placed your loyalty, you’ll find the pressure turned up on this topic for the next 2 years as we experience Eclipses involving Taurus, Scorpio or both! Ask yourself What was happening on November 19, 2002? It was 19 years ago we had this same energy with the Scorpio Sun blocking the Taurus Moon and bringing a reset to our feelings about our home and safety. 

Of course there are other planets adding their energy in a unique way during this Lunar Eclipse. Here’s a detailed look at which planets are at work for the weeks surrounding this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

  • Old relationships issues or people from our past begin popping up to seek resolution.
    • Venus enters the Shadow period before going retrograde
  • You’ll be tempted to blow up at someone who has been holding you back. 
    • Mars opposite Uranus 
  • Circumstances will aid you in making the change smoothly if you keep your temper. 
    • Venus trine Uranus and sextile Mars 
  • Keep your words inline with your beliefs and you’ll be satisfied with any results. 
    • Mercury trine Neptune
  • Pressure mounts for societal discipline during uncomfortable circumstances. 
    • Saturn square Uranus

While 2020 held extra upheaval including 6 Eclipses, 2021 is back to the usual 4 Eclipses in a year. June 5, 2020 saw the start of the Gemini and Sagittarius Eclipse themes. Eclipses come in pairs.  A Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse always happen 2 weeks apart. So get ready for the other shoe to drop and prepare to settle issues of communication and freedom when we have our last Sag Eclipse on Dec 4th.

You can dig deeper into the meaning of Scorpio Season or check out how the Scorpio New Moon got this ready.