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The Theme of 2021

The new and improved Jane stands before the Northern Lights

The astrological theme of 2021 was creating new disciplines in response to a new way of living, or you could say, we spent the year trying to resolve the tension between our need for routine amidst all the physical upsets. Both of those descriptions are an accurate way to describe the Saturn – Uranus square of this year. 

I choose to take that tension and literally walk it off! Along with working with a health coach to change food choices, instead of adding weight like I did in 2020, I created new habits to support a better future for myself. Because Saturn, the disciplinarian, rules how others perceive me, I started by putting limits on my appearance. After a year of not focusing on how people see me by not having a picture taken, or dyeing my hair, I am slowly returning to the regular world. I’m rather excited about how far I’ve come. Surprisingly, I love my natural adult color as much as I loved the red hair of my childhood and the many hues that followed. There’s also a bit less of me returning, about 50 pounds less, which has left me feeling younger and moving easier.

While we all experienced this year’s tension between predictability and surprises, each of us felt it strongest in a different area of our life. How have you handled the pressure to adapt in these last two years? What areas of your life are awaiting the November Eclipse’s transformative energy surge? Reach out and share your story or make an appointment for a reading to help you find the answers. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this process by being on this mailing list, coming to classes or getting a reading. If you aren’t on my mailing list, please you can join with the link on the top of the page for more info, discounts and weekly updates.

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