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Final Communication Upset Eclipse

How could you say that? Mother daughter struggle to figure it out.

The New Moon Eclipse on Dec 4th brings a final focus to issues surrounding how we talk, explore and learn. Once again Mercury joins the Sun and Moon for this Eclipse. Mercury rules communication as well as short trips and quick thinking. With all three planets in Sagittarius, travel and thought will work better than our words. Sag is famous for speaking too fast to consider the impact on another’s feelings. Conversations will be honest and informative, but may lack tact. Thankfully, this Eclipse, unlike June’s, is less talkative and more exploratory.

In every couple year period, the eclipses will be mostly in 2 opposing signs. Not only were both of this summer’s Eclipses focused on similar issues, we started working with Gemini and Sagittarius Eclipses last year. Although 2020 saw bigger changes, 2021 challenges us to finalize the work we started at the beginning of the Gemini / Sag Eclipse cycle.

Solar Eclipses are New Moons with extra punch. They happen when the Moon comes between the Earth and Sun stopping us from seeing the Sun’s light for a few minutes. Solar Eclipses block our expression or energy and can cause dramatic removals which forces us to re-examine the areas affected. Everywhere on the planet experiences the energy of an eclipse, even when they can’t see it happening. 

Thankfully, the rest of the planets make this Solar Eclipse much easier than the other 5 we’ve recently had on this theme.

  • Short trips and quick communication relieve restlessness.
    • Sun, Moon and Mercury together in Sag
  • New horizons via travel or education allow us to heal old wounds.
    • Sun, Moon, Mercury trine Chiron
  • Our urge to move on may be at odds with our desire to dig deeper into past power issues.
    • Sun, Moon, Mercury semi-square Pluto
  • Our search for the underlying causes of past power struggles is as harmonious as it gets. 
    • Venus conjunct Pluto 
  • Old relationship issues around work and finances hit the first of three peaks
    • Venus slows as it prepares to go retrograde
  • Gentle and firm discussion results in clarity for the person talking
    • Venus sextile Mars and sextile Neptune
  • Our spiritual beliefs support action. 
    • Mars trine Neptune 
  • There’s a new concern about controlling the growth of unwanted energy. 
    • Mars square Jupiter
  • The struggle to maintain discipline amidst these strange circumstances persists.
    • Saturn square Uranus
  • Working to hold boundaries brings great healing
    • Saturn sextile Chiron

Eclipses come in pairs.  A Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse always happen 2 weeks apart. Click here to find out what the last eclipse offered so we could finally solve these issues from 2020. You can look back to the start of this Eclipse series in June of 2020.

What was going on during past Sag New Moons? Check out this video.