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Fall Abundance

A cornucopia spills it's harvest bounty onto a table with the words "Celebrate your abundance this Fall!"

Happy Harvest! The Fall Equinox, also called Mabon by the Ancient Celts, is the second of three harvest festivals. (Read about the first harvest Lammas Celebrations.) With most crops gathered and stored, farmers had time and food to spare for festivals. Feasts full of abundant delights inspired thanksgiving celebrations. For Greeks who honored Demeter, this harvest festival also acknowledged the coming barrenness of winter while Demeter grieved Persephone’s yearly sojourn in Hades. Tables decorated with a cornucopia spilled forth fruits and vegetables as the people showed their gratitude to Demeter for the gift of a bountiful harvest. While we no longer create our horn of plenty or cornucopia from a goat’s horn to honor Demeter, Americans still use her symbols to represent abundant harvests in November’s Thanksgiving celebrations.

Consider decorating your space with the fruits of your harvest. Display the art you’ve created or create a display of things you love about fall, souvenirs of vacations, pictures from happy times and even quotes from your favorite movie. What would you fill a horn of plenty with? What are you thankful for? Celebrate what brings joy to your life!

You can read more about the Fall Equinox astrological aspects in another blog.