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Watching from the Sidelines?

Consider the familiar power of the circle. A group of people gathered singing around a campfire or sitting together at a kitchen table sharing memories creates a flow of energy that everyone’s felt. This magic circle holds the power of inclusion. Everyone belongs there together.

A group of people in a circle is connected and equal, until someone steps into the center. We’ve been conditioned by our society to have the star in the center make us feel like second class on the sidelines. Our attention shifts from our group to the center.

Certainly, our collective attention was captured by yesterday’s Super Blue Moon Eclipse. Yes, it was 14% brighter because of the point in the orbit. Yes, it was the second full moon of the month often called a Blue Moon. Yes, if you looked at the moon just before 7am you might have seen the Sun cast a shadow on the moon (which may have made it look red.) All of these facts make this moon seem awfully special, and yet March brings another blue moon.

In fact, this eclipse is part of a set of eclipses happening with Leo and Aquarius that started last February and culminates in 2019. Leo represents the energy of the show-stealing star while Aquarius rules community and new technologies. These eclipses highlight the tension between the “stars” or the “haves” and rest of us who watch from the sidelines as “have nots”. 

As conditioned as we are to give our time and attention to the stars, we are part of a movement, a growing force that makes the community powerful and attention grabbing by refusing to stay on the sidelines. From the Women’s Marches to Instagram, we’ve moved the focus from admiring individuals to building connections that offer everyone opportunities to participate. Choosing communities that support equal engagement allows us to let the energy of circle permeate our lives and our relationships. 

One of the places I’ve found this year that meets that need for equal engagement and supportive community is the SheHive. Coming to a SheHive event is a welcoming and inclusive experience where there’s always room in the circle. Discover the pleasure of standing in a circle of empowered women for yourself.