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Tricks for Saving Time and Energy

We’ve all been taught to wash our hands after using the bathroom, have you ever considered washing your energy as well? Certainly there are toxic people that leaving you feeling yucky after being in the same room. Or energetic vampires who leave you feeling drained after what feels like an endless, one-sided conversation. Especially for those of us who are empaths, we can pick up emotions from other people as we move thru our day. Sometimes those people leave cords that continue to drain us long after we’ve escaped. Here’s one way make sure we aren’t dragging other people’s emotions and energy with us.

  • After washing your hands, cup some cold water in both your hands and hold it for a second.
  • Take a breath in thru your nose and feel the flow of energy that moves from your hands up your arms and to your heart.
  • As you release your breath feel the energy flow back down from your heart to the tips of your fingers.
  • Tell all the energy that isn’t healthy, to drain out into the water, saying “I release all that doesn’t serve my highest good.”
  • Throw the water into the sink along with the unwanted energy

If you find yourself drained after dealing with a difficult situation or unable to shut your brain off at the end of a long day, you need my Lifehack Your Energy class and the energy-shifting take-away lessons. Get the most out of your time by practicing other simple ways to clean your energy, relax or get a quick re-charge whenever needed. For those who wanted more about protection sprays, we’ll be covering that, too! Whether you make your own or buy mine, learn how to use a spray to prevent picking up energetic cooties. 

Lifehack Your Energy
Monday, August 12th
6:30 to 8:00 PM 
at the SheHive