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Archangels to the Rescue

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, LBRP, is one of the most commonly used banishing rituals in Western Magick. You will notice that many other traditions have based their circle casting on the fundamentals of this ritual, a circle with a banishing pentagram in each direction followed by calling in the power of those directions.

Working with the Archangels improves when you picture them carrying their tools or bringing their element to aid you. Of course, you can call on them individually when you need help that relates to their mission and ask them to use their tools to aid your cause.

For over 30 years, this ritual has been the one I’ve depended on the most for protection and clearing. If you find yourself uncomfortable with the Hebrew, you can try using the English translation. Some students have elected to call Goddesses in place of the Archangels. Try it for a week the way it was written then begin to personalize it! This starts and ends with the Qabalistic Cross, during the day when I need a pick me up, I just perform those 5 steps.

Qabalistic Cross

  1. Standing in the center, facing East draw a line from above your head to your forehead and vibrate “ATAH.” (Thou art)
  2. Continue drawing the line down below your feet and vibrate “MALKUTH.” (the Kingdom)
  3. Touch your breastbone with your right hand drawing a line as you extend your arm and vibrate “VE-GEVURAH.” (the Power)
  4. Touch your breastbone with your left hand drawing a line as you extend your arm and vibrate “VE-GEDULAH.” (the Glory)
  5. Bring both together, fingers up, in front of your breastbone and vibrate “LE-OLAM, AMEN.” (forever, Amen.)

Sealing the Circle

  1. Go to East, draw pentagram, point to center and vibrate “YUD HEH VEV HEH.”
  2. Begin drawing the circle, stop in the south, draw a pentagram, point to the center and vibrate “ADONAI.”
  3. Continue drawing the circle, stop in the west, draw a pentagram, point to the center and vibrate “EH-HE-YEH.”
  4. Continue drawing the circle, stop in the north, draw a pentagram, point to the center and vibrate “AH-GE-LAH.”
  5. Complete drawing the circle to the place you started in the East. Return to the center.

Invoking the Archangels

  1. Face East, visualize Raphael in the East carrying a Caduceus and vibrate “Before me, RAPHAEL.” 
  2. Without moving, visualize Gabriel in the West carrying a chalice and vibrate“Behind me, GABRIEL.”
  3. Without moving, visualize Michael in the South carrying a flaming sword and vibrate“On my right, MICHAEL.”
  4. Without moving, visualize Uriel in the North carrying a living tree branch and vibrate“On my left, URIEL.”
  5. As you stand with legs a shoulder-width apart and arms outstretched picture a banishing pentagram about you with your feet, hands and head as the 5 points and vibrate “About me flames the pentagram” 
  6. Vibrate “Within me shines the six-rayed star.” OR “Above me shines the Light of Truth.”

Repeat the Qabalistic Cross – Steps 1 – 5