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The Christmas Eclipse

This Christmas Season comes with a gift from the stars, a Solar Eclipse on Dec 26th that blesses us with luck, growth and unexpected treats. This energy will be particularly strong in the areas of physical comfort and success. So take advantage of the coincidences to grow your business, enjoy your home and fulfill your ambitions. With 5 planets in Capricorn, we have lots of stable ground under our feet. Although the planets keep moving, we get to use this energy for 6 months! The first two weeks are the best, however, as the Lunar Eclipse on Jan 10th brings some rough stuff.

This Sun and Moon in Capricorn is not only a New Moon, it’s a Solar Eclipse that is visible on the other side of the planet from North America. Even without getting to see it live, we are going to be bathed in it’s lucky energy because Jupiter is right there with the Sun and Moon giving expansion and a windfall along with the urge to begin anew with the Moon. Jupiter was at its most powerful earlier this year in Sagittarius, and now is consolidating its power in Capricorn. So this its a great bonus to get the Sun adding energy and clear sight while the Moon adds instinct working together in Capricorn.

Uranus is adding its energy with pleasant surprises and excitement from the trine it has with the three Eclipse planets, Sun, Moon and Jupiter. Coming from Taurus that’s more grounded and physically enjoyable energy. You’ll get help seeing clearly what is needed from the Sun. Your instincts are particularly on target from the Moon. Growth is easily supported by Jupiter. Expect a good break, happy news and surprising joyfulness.

Saturn and Pluto are joining in the Capricorn energy as they prepare to have their moment of working together. While they are exactly conjunct on January 12th, they are close enough on the January Lunar Eclipse to add their hard, cold, factual energy.  Together they demand hard work and changes that has been playing in the background all year. While we can hear it now underlying December’s ambition-filled godsends, that call will overpower all other energies very soon. Enjoy this Solar Eclipse energy from the 26th to the 10th before you dig in and clean house with the Lunar Eclipse.