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Tarot Spreads

Starting a Tarot Reading begins with forming your questions and picking the spread that answers them. We can ask about a specific situation and answer what will happen using a three card Past, Present, Future layout. We can ask about the strengths and struggles of a relationship using a 4 card Relationship layout. We can also look deeply into our lives and the many factors involved using a 10 card Celtic cross layout.

In the picture above, I’m working with the Past, Present, Future Spread. We can use this spread to ask about how our day will be or what were the influences on the day we just had. Often when we do a spread like this regularly, we’ll find cards repeating themselves. The Queen of Swords may come up as you are dealing with a boss or the Page of Wands when issues with childish exuberance arise. 

In any reading it’s important to ask empowering questions. “What approach will bring the most success?” or “How do I find balance in my relationship?” As always the best way to learn is by doing, so grab a friend and begin discovering your answers. Or join me on October 22nd to practice in a group.

Learn the Tarot: Simple Spreads
Monday, October 22nd
6:30 to 8:00 PM 
at the SheHive