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Symbolic Gestures Matter

The soul of the world looks out from the trees.

Sunday, February 27th is the day to make symbolic gestures. Your subconscious is watching to see what you do, not what you say. So move forward on an important goal. Reach out to those you miss seeing. Set aside time for your passion project. Now is when the actions you take will have bigger impact that ever, on you, others and the animus mundi or soul of the earth. The world is watching, whatever you do today will tell the truth about what you value.

Passionate action and beautiful creations are together this month. Mars works well with Capricorn’s desire to accomplish and acquire which Venus also enjoys. Taking action to build a future also makes Venus feel secure and helps relationships to thrive. Stable is sexy. Having a history allows love and passion to grow. These planets are impacting each other more than usual. All of Mars’ trip through Capricorn this will be felt ~ Jan 24 to Mar 6.

The Moon highlights the emotional nature of the harmony and action of Venus and Mars working together. It also ups the power of the other planets for a short time. When the Moon trines the North Node and sextile’s the South Node like on February 27th, we have the power to release our past fears and create a more solid future. Don’t let your fears stop you from taking the next step. Having the blessings of Venus and Mars with the Moon and while Neptune adds a push gives more power to the changes being made in our vision of what is possible.

With the addition of Pluto to the on again, off again Venus and Mars pairing, we’re hungry for intensity. Our drive for meaning and deeper connection in relationships grows. More nuance and impact from our projects, more power over our future swamps the harmous action we’ve wanted. Pluto allows insights in areas previously hidden so trust your intuition and sudden understanding of psychological motivation especially around power plays.

Words about boundaries bring the only discordant note as those boundaries are changed by upheavals in your circumstances that can’t be explained or predicted. Mercury, the planet of communication, is feeling Saturn’s restrictions. So don’t expect your words to have as much impact which makes symbolic gestures that much more important. Actions speak louder than words.

Do something physical and symbolic, it will impact your future destiny and provide a stable base for the next year. The Moon will have emotional reactions. Venus will respond to romance. Mars cheers any action. Pluto wants intense psychological meaning. With all of those planets in the same spot, you’ll find one action to rule them all.