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Summer Solstice Eclipse

Although we are celebrating the first day of summer and Father’s Day, our inner child longs for a loving mother. Desperate for help and solace we are embodying the longing being created by this Summer Solstice Eclipse. Sunday, our swelling emotions rise like the tide swamping our rational minds. While we are bursting with the need to nurture and be nurtured, the eclipse leaves us feeling the child’s desire to be loved more than the parental longing to care for others. Into this already emotional tension comes the saturnine discipline trying to place societal limits on our teary inner child. Only with the help of our spirituality will we be able to find the emotional strength to continue to work for the change that is desperately needed. Expect the battle between the childish demand for freedom regardless of the consequences to be at odds with our deeper desires to make a better life for those who will follow us. These deeper calls for freedom may continue calling us to fight despite the costs that our adult selves see only too clearly. We will need all of the spiritual discipline we began developing in January and honed during our social isolation, in order to meet this challenge. We will likely feel pulled by competing demands each urgently asking for our best efforts. Don’t worry about how to finish the battle, just keep up the hard work until the end of June. The desire to change our culture stays strong until early July when the pressures of economic limits push us to address financial needs. We’ll return next year to working on our community standards after the months of practical needs and economic limits have run their course.

When the Sun enters Cancer it is in the Zodiacal sign ruled by the Moon. To have the Sun ruled or overwhelmed by the Moon is the very essence of a Solar Eclipse making this Summer Solstice more powerful than any other. As the Moon in Cancer is at its strongest, we’ll all experience the emotional intensity that any planet in Cancer can bring. The Moon will likely call to our feelings more strongly than the Sun as it’s more powerfully placed in this sign. The internal parental voice of restraint comes from an angle with Saturn. Just like the last time Saturn was in Aquarius and we faced social unrest and riots, we have been feeling Saturn’s brief trip out of Capricorn as the call to social issues instead of practical and financial concerns. By late December we’ll turn back to issues of social unrest when Saturn has completed its retrograde cycle and makes the final moves in Capricorn to trim the rot from our foundations. Mars working with Neptune in Pisces has been carrying the martial energy and looking at the sacrifices demanded by our beliefs. We’ll still be exploring our willingness to sacrifice, Neptune in Pisces, during the next eclipse with a more aggressive tone as Mars will then be in Aries.