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Spring Equinox ~ Ostara

When the length of days and nights become equal, we celebrate the Spring Equinox. This year that balance happens on Tuesday, March 20th. While most of us no longer live in an agricultural society that sets the pace of life on the seasons of the year, we still pine for days with more sunlight and warmth. And most of us still struggle to find balance in our lives. 

Each year for the Spring Equinox I honor the places in my life in which I have balance and look for a new area that needs re-examining and calls out for a proportional approach. This year, I am focusing on caring for others versus caring for myself. This dynamic has changed significantly over the decades of adulthood. When I had a couple toddlers good self-care was getting a shower, alone! Now with three teenagers, I consider myself indulged when I choose the radio station in the car. I have discovered that when I fail to care for myself, I become angry easily about the self-care others give themselves. So part of searching for the balance of self-care vs other care is watching my temper as a clue to needed changes.

Join me on Saturday, March 24th at 5pm for a ritual honoring the Spring Equinox and the balance between self-care and other care. I’ll lead a ritual at Pagan Pathways Temple,  28736 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Everyone is invited to share a potluck feast following. Treat yourself and others by making a delicious dish that everyone will enjoy.