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Solar and Lunar Eclipses this July

This month brings a pair of eclipses. The Solar Eclipse happens July 12th, with the Moon and Sun in Cancer. Cancer brings a focus on self-care and nurturing. As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, this eclipse will bring more emotion than most as the Moon is in it’s home sign and doubles the longing for maternal care. For this eclipse we also have Pluto involved, sitting directly opposite the eclipse in Capricorn raising questions about our stability and needs for financial security. You may have to strike a delicate balance between indulging your inner child and being fiscally responsible. On a large scale, look for conflict between caring for our children (Sun and Moon in Cancer) and our fears about security and stability (in conflict with Pluto.) With Pluto involved expect to see the Phoenix rising up from the ashes.

The Lunar Eclipse on July 27th happens with the Moon in Aquarius with the Sun opposite in it’s home sign of Leo. We’ve had a wave of Aquarius eclipses since the start of 2017 that have stirred up activism. With this last one, Aquarius will be building on the power of community to make a change. Mars adds it’s urgency and courage as it stands next to the Moon in rebel Aquarius. Because Mars is retrograde and the Moon is being eclipsed by the Sun in Leo, it may look like the Ego of Leo is winning. This fight will need us to dig in for the long haul which Saturn’s discipline offers in abundance. Get ready to rumble the weekend of the eclipse and know you’ll get a few more chances to challenge these issues.

The next eclipse is August 11th, see next month’s newsletter for the last chapter in this eclipse cycle.