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Mercury is NOT Retrograde, Now What?

Mercury has finished its second of three retrogrades of 2019. We’ve got 90 days to enjoy communication, travel and electronics behaving normally. During these 3 months we’ll have some days that are much, much better than others. Here’s a guide on how to use those dates to your advantage.

August 12 to 24 ~ Now’s the time to shine! Push forward with your brilliant ideas,  wow them with your presentation and expand your business opportunities. Luck and charm abound. Mercury joins the Sun, Venus and Mars in Leo bringing energy, beauty and hustle in sync with our gift of gab. In addition, Jupiter comes out of retrograde to return luck and expansion to our lives and business opportunities get an extra boost. We will excel at cleaning up any left over issues from Mercury retrograde between the August 12th and 15th and be ready to move on to bigger wins over the coming weeks.

August 30 to September 14 ~ Let’s talk details! Now’s the time to sign the contract and dot the “i’s” on those business plans. Leo, the great performer, is done with the sales pitch and it’s time to settle the particulars. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are in Virgo, the perfect accountant. Actually, Virgo strives for perfection in everything so let that energy, emotion, conversation, harmony and aggression be channeled into perfecting your plan and counting your winnings. The Moon only stays with the pack for two days so use Labor Day weekend to get your emotions and subconscious on board and let the other planets dig into the details. You might struggle to see the beauty in numbers as Venus is weak in this sign but with Mercury shinning strong, you can easily talk your way thru any snags. That full moon on September 14th will bring lots of emotional and psychic sensitivity. So be sure you got your details right as there is sure to be some feelings about everything. If you can, renew your spiritual practices that may have been neglected during your intense focus on accounting.

September 28 to 30 ~ Lucky in love? Everyone will be for this New Moon! Start dating, plan a date night with your current amore or treat yourself and catch up on self-care because love, harmony and fair play are front and center.  While the New Moon in Libra happens on the 28th, the Moon stays in Libra with the Sun, Mercury and Venus for a few days. Do something that will shape the next two weeks while the stars are being kind.

October 4 – 30 ~ Whose got a secret? Direct and forceful communication will be aimed at finding out. This is the time to investigate those areas that have been making you wonder. You aren’t paranoid, if they really are keeping a secret from you. Things that don’t come out now, may be let loose when Mercury goes retrograde on Halloween. With Venus following Mercury into the dark, expect to find beauty in hidden ways. Sex, conversations and emotions will be more intense. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 28th will add to the intensity and carry that thru until the retrograde on the 31st.

October 31 to Nov 20th ~ Mercury goes Retrograde, AGAIN. Not only will we be dealing with the usual issues with communication, cars and computers, secret-hunting Scorpio will search to make those errors reveal what we would rather keep hidden. From hackers stealing data to exes posting pictures to simple embarrassment as you dig thru your messy trunk to find a spare, these Mercury missteps will leave many feeling exposed. We’ll have over 2 months of Mercury in Scorpio before during and after the retrograde so secrets will be a theme for quite some time.