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Magickal Cleaning

Each person releases some amount of energy with every breath. The stronger their feelings, the more energy they give off. Someone who is super angry can leave a residue in a room for hours. If you don’t have the chance to clean the rooms where you work or shop, be sure to clean those energies off yourself. Best practice is to clean both your body and your space on a regular basis.

The simplest way is to add intent to your regular cleaning, Imagine all the stuck, angry or old energy being swept away as you move around your space. Witches were traditionally depicted with a broom because it’s a powerful tool for cleaning, releasing and refreshing energy.

Wanna up the power of your cleaning? Add some extra oomph to your cleaning products. You can make your own or add Florida water to water you what you are already using.

Other tools include protection sprays, aromatherapy and smudge sticks.

You can make your own Shower Scrub with these simple ingredients. Sea Salt Shower Scrub Recipe