Magickal Cleaning

Just as you clean your body each day, it’s important to clean your energy body as well. Each person releases some amount of energy with every breath. The stronger their feelings, the more energy they give off. Someone who is super angry can leave a residue in a room for hours. If you don’t have the chance to clean the rooms where you work or shop, be sure to clean those energies off your body when you get home. 

Make a habit of cleaning your energy body while in the shower. You can do this by using a sea salt scrub with essential oils and by visualizing all the psychic debris you’ve picked up being washed down the drain until only your true self and the energy that revitalizes you is left. Imagine the water washing away all the dirty energy until your aura is like a clean window that allows the bright light that is you to shine through. Then be sure to keep that window closed until you want to let more energy in.

Of course, if you can clean those rooms, do so! Imagine all the stuck, angry or old energy being swept away as you move your broom or vacuum around your space. Witches were traditionally depicted with a broom because it’s a powerful tool for cleaning your space. Other tools include protection sprays, aroma therapy and smudge sticks or incense.