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Lucky in Money and Love

Today’s New Moon will have you feeling lucky in money and love. Use the energy to get prosperous then have a good time. People will be open to your charms and excited about new ideas. Any anxiety you feel comes from the awareness that time is fleeting and changes are coming. The only danger today, besides missing this opportunity, is you may be tempted to over-indulge. Indulging is encouraged and with all the balance coming from 4 planets in Libra there won’t be any lingering effects if you go a touch farther than usual.

Wanna know why? Here’s the planets that are making the moves you’re feeling today.

Today’s New Moon has not only the Sun and Moon in balanced Libra, we also have Venus and Mercury on those Libra scales. With two more planets adding their beauty and smooth talking to our harmonious Libra symphony, we have the objectivity and charm to accomplish anything. Do we need more than 4 planets in Libra to bask in the fairness? Because Libra is all about fairness in both senses of the word, balanced and beautiful. New Moon energy is often felt for two weeks until the Full Moon brings the blossoming of the seeds planted when the cycle began.

Of course, the planet named for the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus, is at its best in Libra. When any planet is in the sign it rules, the energy gets a boost. So, the always present planet Venus that metaphorically and literally helps your garden grow, is currently supercharged to produce the prettiest flowers and the most luscious fruit to feed your needs. Venus also rules Taurus so we get a double shot of Venus at her best. Now we have the social harmonious aspects of Venus prominent, then we’ll have more focus on a beautiful home. We’ll have Venus in Libra until October 9th and wait a year for it to come back to Libra.

Venus isn’t the only planet blessing us with its best energies by being in the sign it rules. Jupiter, named for the ruler of the Gods, grows fast and brilliant in Sagittarius. The centaur that is the symbol of Sag shoots his arrows even faster than his hoofs can carry him and the lightning bolts of Jupiter/Zeus work wonderfully with this energy. Philosophy, growth, luck and maybe the benefit of having friends in high places will make your business efforts especially fruitful. We’ll have this energy thru October and November so make as much use of it as you can we’ll have to wait until 2030 to get this gift again.

We are full of luck and love today as these two planets bless us with their energies working together. Venus brings the balance that helps us avoid the tendency of Jupiter to go too far. Venus and Jupiter are working especially well together while they are exactly 60 degrees apart in a sextile. Use this energy until October 1st when Venus leaves Jupiter behind.

The only off-note in this lucky New Moon chart is Uranus quincunx the Sun and Moon. This unsettling aspect of our emotional Moon and energizing Sun to the planet of surprises, Uranus, can make it difficult to wait for the change you sense is coming. Uranus loves to shake things up and you can expect some changes to your plans during the two weeks ruled by the New Moon. If you need freedom, this will help you get it. Push the energy towards unique expression and innovation so it doesn’t result in disruptive and rebellious actions from or toward you.

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