Love Spells?

What are the ethics of doing Love Spells? Most people agree that doing a Love Spell or any spell on a person without their permission is wrong. That leaves the possibility of doing love spells with permission.

Many wedding traditions would qualify as consensual love spells. My Mother-in-law gave us a traditional Dutch frame full of symbols of fertility and love for a wedding gift.  Some couples have sweet habits that act as personal love spells. Using a pet name for a partner or a child is a simple love spell. When I hug people heart to heart, I magically reinforce the feelings of love and support that are normal parts of a hug. Sending wishes at 11:11 is so common, there’s a bitmoji for it. There are ways to build a simple love spell into any relationship, including some for self-love. We’ll discuss a few simple spells to use on ourselves during the Deepen Your Intuition Class on February 25th. 

Deepen Your Intuition ~ February 25th 6:30 to 8:00Pm