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January Lunar Eclipse

The January 10th Lunar Eclipse is a rough one with lots more energy tied up than just the Sun and Moon. We have Mercury sending our mind racing and tempting us to let our words fly, adding to the tension between feelings and thinking that often accompanies a Full Moon. Piling on the pressure, we are faced with the need to fix or throw out things that aren’t working.  Frustration can easily mount. If you allow yourself to blow up, you’ll have much more work to do to clean it up. Here’s where your meditation practice and cutting cords pays off. We are being asked to take a cold, hard look at some area of our life that our emotions have made us not want to see. Expect lots of polarized rhetoric, short tempers and power plays that the best of us will avoid.

This Full Moon always brings us up short after the holidays when the Sun is in Capricorn asking for practicality opposing the Moon in Cancer asking for comfort.  This year that longing for more fun and needing more money and time to get things done is being intensified by 5 different things. First we’ve got a Lunar Eclipse making this Full Moon stronger and part of our background energy until the next Eclipses in June and July. In addition Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are all right there with the Sun creating tension with our emotions and instincts on three additional fronts.  Finally, Neptune provides the only softening we get with the gift of faith that will remain with us during the hard times. 

Just like the Solar Eclipse two weeks before, this Lunar Eclipse isn’t visible in North America. It certainly will be felt. This Eclipse layers hard work on the lucky efforts felt after the holidays. The change will be all the more intense for the shift. While this energy would usually stay until the next Eclipse event this summer, we’ll be getting more of this conflict energy for the Lunar Eclipse on June 5th and won’t have much relief until the June 21st Solar Eclipse.

Mercury is helping the Sun by speeding up our thoughts and adding more words to our conflict with our feelings. Expect issues to balloon quickly and tensions to escalate easily. Communication styles will be very masculine and leave little room for vulnerability. That might be helping the Sun but it’s not going to be fun for us.

Saturn is the harsh taskmaster often seen as Father Time carrying a sickle that reminds us that time moves on no matter how we feel. And with this angle we aren’t likely to feel good about any of it. Saturn’s old man energy can leave us feeling bruised by the patriarchy and unable to communicate our feelings.

Pluto demands change and those old way may need to be thrown out. Sadly this can mean the people in power are fighting to keep it and that we’ll be caught in the power struggle. While Pluto is a transpersonal planet that might be more involved with the government and world leaders, our own relationships may also experience drama as a result of challenging difficult coping mechanisms.

Neptune has a weak trine with all those planets that gives hope and faith from our spiritual beliefs. This won’t make the work easier, just remind us that there is a greater perspective. Mercury is urging us to talk to a spiritual advisor. Saturn holds the gifts that you hopefully have earned by doing a daily meditation practice or keeping your energy clear by cutting cords. Pluto is showing us the possibility of transformation and giving us hope for life after death as well as rest after all this hard work is done.

Considering all the energy challenging us with this Lunar Eclipse, start preparing now. Pray, meditate, cut cords, clean your energy and spend time with your spiritual family. You’ll find a better path on the other side of this hard work. Avoid the rhetoric and maintain your self-care and discipline.