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Healing with Ginger Tea

As January’s cold drags on many people are struggling with sore throats and upset stomachs. Perhaps the dryness from the constant running of the furnace is causing an irritation in your throat. Perhaps you over-indulged during the holidays and are a bit queasy. For a large host of issues, Ginger tea can help ease these problems.

I grate the ginger into a pot and add enough water to cover the ginger. Like all roots, the water will need to boil for at least 20 minutes to extract the essential healing elements. Follow the boiling  with a cooling down period that allows additional steeping before straining the liquid off the roots. I find the boiling of the ginger helps add moisture to the air and creates a stronger concentrate. The concentrate can be frozen in ice cube trays so that they last the winter. When you need another cup, add hot water to the ice cube. Honey sweetens the tea and assists with the healing and soothing of the tea.

As a last addition, I add Reiki energy to the tea. If you haven’t Reiki training, then say a little prayer for healing over the concentrate and before you serve the tea.