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Getting Informed Consent for Energy Work

Whenever we do energy work on someone, there needs to be consent for it to be ethical. The easiest way to get consent is to to ask someone. “You look like you’re hurting, can I help?” or “I’ve made chicken soup. It always helps me get rid of a cold, do you want some?” When friends tell us about a difficult time, there’s an implied request for help. Whether you tell them you’ll pray for them or light a candle, you’re letting them know your intent to send energy to help.

Intent is a critical part of ethical energy work. You can include in your intent that the energy works in a way that the person receiving it is comfortable and consensual. You can pull a tarot card or muscle test to be sure that the healing energy you are sending is in line with someone’s highest good. Sometimes an illness is present to bring a life lesson or place someone in circumstances that keep them safe. This doesn’t mean that people are to blame for their sickness, only that sometimes there is more going on than we understand. Before doing energy work, even sending healing energy, getting consent is critical.