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Full and New Moons with the Sun in Scorpio

This month, we are all called to transformations big and small. When the Full Moon comes on October 24th, we have the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio, so we may feel attached to our comfort objects and places that the Scorpio Sun wants to change.  Adding to this mix is Uranus’ with its unique and surprising twists standing with the Moon. The Sun is conjunct Venus which highlights love and business as the places for change. We still have Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio supporting transformation with ease of communication and the ability to impact a larger community. You may have an unexpected opportunity to use old items in a new way in your work, or you may be delighted with a new place that leads to deeper love. Scorpio’s secret loving nature is resisting Taurus’ blunt and stubborn stand. You’ll be faced with questions of how private or public your changes will be shared.

When the New Moon comes on November 7th, we’ll take the usual urges to let go of the old to make room for the new and go deeper and darker for doing that death and rebirth work with Scorpio. This is the time to delight in change and move from grieving into creating. With Neptune in Pisces, we’ll feel an increase in our intuition and creativity. This is a great time to record your inspirations and shape your future that is being born. Uranus, which played so strongly in the Full Moon, has moved retrograde back into Aries. This aides in making these creations better than our past as we can change old habits much easily now. This New Moon holds the last energy of Jupiter in Scorpio which birthed the #MeToo movement. November 8th sees the start of Jupiter in Sagittarius.