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February to the Rescue

We may all be wearing our hearts on our sleeves right now. We’re hoping to soothe the wounds in others in order to ease our own old pains. There’s still a touch of workaholic in the air so that we may feel the job of rescuing others can only be done by us. With the urge to serve coming from the Sun in Aquarius and the Full Moon in Leo bringing our emotions to center stage we’ll be tempted to start a protest or rescue a fair youth from a dragon. 

Our desire to keep the peace is compounded when we recognize those less fortunate are suffering like we once suffered. Coming from Venus and Chiron in Aries, we’ll be on fire with passionate desire to act. Impatient and impulsive this rescue will start out strong and easily lose steam. With Saturn and Pluto still so close, we don’t have far to look for the hard work that needs doing. 

This impulsive Venus energy that peaks with the Full Moon on February 9th will still be felt on Valentine’s Day. We’ll find our sympathies stirred by our desire to protect the underdog although our emotions may be at odds with the surprises being thrown our way by Uranus opposite the Moon.