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December’s Difficult Full Moon in Gemini

December’s Full Moon challenges us in ways that have been simmering for at least two weeks and possibly since this summer. In addition to the tension between our busy schedules and our need to discuss our feelings, we have a ton more pressure on this Gemini Full Moon energy. Issues of hard work and needed change are putting our finances or love life into crises. We can expect delays and fears to increase for the two weeks leading up to Christmas and the Solar Eclipse. Thankfully, the Solar Eclipse will be a lucky break from this difficult energy.

Right now the Sun is in Sagittarius keeping us busy and curious. The world is full of interesting things to distract us while our feelings have been ignored and we are in need of heartfelt conversation. The Moon isn’t comfortable in Gemini so this can be an awkward time in a good year. This year the looming connection between Saturn and Pluto gets felt early when Venus is found exactly between those two planets during the Full Moon. This makes us focus on something related to love or money that needs changing. Saturn can bring depression without the added strain of Pluto’s power struggles or Venus’ need for love and security. The three of them together make a perfect storm. These three difficult planets aren’t just causing problems between themselves. All of that energy is at odds with the Moon. That tension has us wanting more love or money than we’re getting. Just as we need more than usual, we’ll feel we have less to give and places that are out of balance are suddenly a big deal. We’ll get a bigger dose of this come January, so make the changes needed so you are ready to take on the BIG issue that will be revealed next month at the Lunar Eclipse in January.