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Sea Salt Shower Scrub Recipe

Make your cleaning pretty by adding pink Himalayan salt.

Creating a shower scrub is simple and I feel it cleans more powerfully when made with intent. Let yourself be inspired. Select as many oils and salts and scents as call to you. I’ve used sea salt, Epsom salt, Dead Sea Salt, pink Himalayan salt, coarse Kosher salt and even table salt. You can use apricot oil, almond oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and, yes, olive oil.

Here’s the basic recipe to give you a start. Select an 8 oz container you want to keep in the shower. Having a lid is important as water can dilute the scrub, or dissolve the salt. Add the following items to the container…

  • 1/3 cup sea salt
  • 1/3 cup epsom salt
  • 6 oz of almond oil
  • 10 drops Lavender essential oil

Any essential oil or combinations that feel good to you can be used. I often add about 5 drops of Lavender for it’s soothing as well as antiseptic properties with 5 drops of Lemon to aid with purification. Substituting Grapefruit for Lemon helps when I’m depressed or super sensitive. When my immune system needs extra help, I add Thyme or Tea Tree to aid in killing germs.

Once I’ve added all the ingredients and stirred the scrub, I charge it with intent and energy. To do this, I cradle the container in my hands and ask the Divine to aid what I have created in cleansing my body and spirit. Reiki practitioners can increase the energetic effect by tracing Reiki symbols in the scrub.  If I need more spiritual protection, I will ask Michael, the archangel who commands God’s army to assist in keeping my body and spirit free from negative influences. If my health needs the boost, I will intone Raphael’s name over the container and ask the help of the angel of healing to help clear my body and spirit of unhealthy influences. 

When it’s time to use the scrub, clean with intent. You add to the power by visualizing all the psychic debris you’ve picked up being washed down the drain until only your true self and the energy that revitalizes you is left. Sometimes I imagine the water washing away all the dirty energy until my aura is like a clean window that allows the bright light that is me to shine through. My smooth and scented skin reminds me all day that I’m worth the self-care I’ve given myself.