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Celebrate Friday the 13th with Tarot Jane

Celebrate Friday the 13th with Tarot Jane

What better day to learn tips and techniques for Spiritual Hygiene than Friday the 13th!?!

You wash your hands before meals, why not your energy? Learn why it’s important to rid yourself of the emotional debris you pick up during the day, especially if you have a toxic work environment. Come discuss the many ways to cleanse yourself and spaces such as your home. Then practice a few techniques for cutting cords and keeping a higher spiritual vibration.

A variety of spiritual hygiene sprays and products will be available for purchase for those who are interested. Cash or Venmo payment options.

Ascension Healing Arts Center 21751 W Eleven Mile Rd, Ste 205, Southfield, MI 48076

Please note that the doors will open at 6:30PM and will lock at 7:05PM. Please be prompt as we cannot allow entrance after the session begins.