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Blue Moons, Supermoons and Eclipses

A Blue Moon is what we call the second full moon of the month. Each year we have 12 months and 13 Full Moons. In 2018 we have more than one Blue Moon. January and March each have two full moons while February has none this year. Supermoons are slightly brighter and bigger than regular moons as the moon is at perigee and thus its closest to Earth. It’s possible that you didn’t notice that the last three months were Supermoons. If you saw the Full Moon on New Year’s Day, I hope you enjoyed the extra closeness. January 31st will be not only a Full Moon in Leo, it will also be a partial lunar eclipse caused by the Sun in Aquarius. February will host a partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th as well.

The Full Moon in Leo gives us a chance to express our creativity and celebrate our individuality, With the Sun in Aquarius urging us to balance self-expression with social consciousness. Mercury joins the Sun in Aquarius for the Full Moon lending us the gift of clear communications about our beliefs for the future of our communities as well as ourselves. This Full Moon occurs close to Ceres bringing a focus on motherhood and woman’s roles to our self-expression and community concerns.

When an Eclipse occurs with a Full Moon, we increase the power of the Full Moon’s energies. Instead of just completing the work started on the New Moon two weeks earlier, the Eclipse urges us to look at a bigger cycle. We are completing work that began with last August’s eclipse. The energy will increase it’s intensity with February’s eclipse and continue building until the July eclipse. Whenever the Sun eclipses the Moon, we have a chance to reset our feelings. Use this time to evaluate how your feelings are impacted by what happens in your home.