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August’s Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon in Aquarius always brings an urge to champion a cause. Just like the musical Hair proclaiming the Age of Aquarius, we’ll feel the urge to let go of inhibitions and fight against unfair (or any) restrictions. Aquarius calls us to be part of a team that is making the world a better place. With a partial lunar eclipse accompanying this Full Moon, those impulses will be magnified. On the other hand, the energy of the Sun in Leo, always a strong place for the Sun, will be pulling us the opposite way. We’ll long to be the center of that protest or any stage we can find. Our need to express our individuality will lead our group activities on a roller coaster that delights the need for dramatic action that the Leo Sun inspires. This lunar eclipse is likely to bring a longing for social action that may be difficult to reconcile with our desires to indulgence ourselves.

This lunar eclipse has both the Moon and Sun near the midpoint of the signs Aquarius and Leo. If you have any planets at those points you’ll feel the effects the most. Those who have planets that make an angle to 15 degrees of those signs will also feel a strong change from this eclipse. For everyone else, the impact of the eclipse will be more gentle and perhaps more impersonal. However, our larger community will begin building tension with the issues represented by this eclipse as we end the previous full moon through the weeks leading up to the solar eclipse as well as those following the solar eclipse on August 21st.