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A Delicious Spell for Fall Transformation

We did powerful spell work during the dark of the moon last night. On the full of the moon in October, we began the hard cider with apples of various kinds, small, spotted, each accepted as they were, just as we accepted ourselves as we were. Then the yeast of transformation assisted our change.

During the dark of the moon last night, we carried out next steps in our powerful spell work. Last night came time to step away from that which no longer served, the spent yeast and apple particles that settled on the bottom. We transferred the cider –now bright, tart, golden– to another carboy. Just as we bring in new energy and associations as we move forward, this new carboy contained puréed cherries that immediately changed the color to a fiery passionate red. Even though we make this next part of the journey without pieces of our past, we do not make it alone.