Clean Your Energy Body

Just as you clean your body each day, it’s important to clean your energy body as well. Each person releases some amount of energy with every breath. The stronger their feelings, the more energy they give off. Someone who is super angry can leave a residue in a room for hours.

Lammas Celebrations

Lammas or Loaf Mass Day, celebrated on August 1st, is a Christian holiday where loaves of bread made from the new grains are blessed. This first harvest festival celebrates the beginning of gathering the crops. The earliest berries and grains are ready in late summer.

Mid-Summer Celebrations

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, St John’s Day, or the Summer Solstice, may an abundance of blessings surround you on the longest day of the year.

Gifts from my Grandmother

When my Grandmother returned from a funeral, she would place the Funeral or Memorial card in the glass front. The cards were there to remind her pray for their souls and for her to feel closer to those who had passed. In January of 1966, when she returned from her husband’s funeral, she placed his Memorial card in the glass of that china cabinet.

Summer Solstice Eclipse

While we are bursting with the need to nurture and be nurtured, the eclipse leaves us feeling the child’s desire to be loved more than the parental longing to care for others. Into this already emotional tension comes the saturnine discipline trying to place societal limits on our teary inner child.

Let Courage Eclipse the Hurt

Early in June, we’ll need to take a deep breath and allow our inner warrior to give us the courage to be authentic, especially when we feel defensive.

Goth Retro Party in Mid-May

Joining Pluto in the goth retro party, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter are retrograde, adding to Pluto’s melancholy music about hidden power and death tolls with their own dark sounds.

Pluto Backs Up the Plow

When Pluto goes retrograde, we may struggle to have faith that life will rise again from the ashes.

Jupiter jumps into the mix

ur year of limitation and transformation that comes from Saturn and Pluto joining forces, Jupiter is showing up to make everything bigger.