Tarot Spreads

Starting a Tarot Reading begins with forming your questions and picking the spread that answers them. We can ask about a specific situation and answer… Read More »Tarot Spreads

Solar and Lunar Eclipses this July

The Solar Eclipse happens July 12th, with the Moon and Sun in Cancer. Cancer brings a focus on self-care and nurturing.The Lunar Eclipse on July 27th happens with the Moon in Aquarius with the Sun opposite in it’s home sign of Leo.

Watching from the Sidelines?

Consider the familiar power of the circle. A group of people gathered singing around a campfire or sitting together at a kitchen table sharing memories creates a flow of energy that everyone’s felt. This magic circle holds the power of inclusion. Everyone belongs there together.

February’s Solar Eclipes

When the next eclipse happens on February 15th, it lays the groundwork for changes in perspectives, particularly about communication, technology and women’s roles.