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The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Cards, 4 of Swords, shows a resting figure indicating a time to recover.

Four of Swords

Take a break. Meditate.
Clear your head before moving forward.
Calmness will bring clarity.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 4 of Wands, shows a wedding celebration indicating a joyous time.

Four of Wands

Celebrate your success.
Throw a party.
Get married.
Luck is
on your side.
Wonderful outcomes await.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 4 of Cups, shows a figure under a tree with a hand offering a cup indicating a time of dreaming.

Four of Cups

Dream big.
Gratitude followed by wanting more feeds your success. Visualize what having it all means for you.

The RWS Minor Arcana Tarot Card, 4 of Pentacles, shows a miser grasping coins indicating the hoarding of money.

Four of Pentacles

Save as much as you can. Indulgence
or waste harms you.
You don’t need to be a miser or greedy, just frugal.