Purple, Monday & Yesod

Jane Pierce of describes some of the affinities of the sphere of Yesod including the Moon, Mondays and the color Purple.

Binah & Myrrh

Jane Pierce of discusses Myrrh, the funereal incense associated with the sphere Binah, the “Dark Mother.”

Binah & the Tarot Threes

Jane Pierce of describes the affinity between the sphere Binah and the three cards of the Tarot.

Hod & Precision

Jane Pierce of discusses Hod, the sphere that rules Wednesday. Hod has a particular affinity with precision and Jane explains several aspects of that… Read More »Hod & Precision

Thank you!

Thank you, to all of the kind people who have shared their wishes with me on my birthday. It has been a wonderful day full… Read More »Thank you!