I provide tarot and astrology readings to help people better understand themselves and their life purpose because I believe that knowing yourself is as important as knowing the future.

I will be as accurate about your future as I am about your past;
you do not have to wait to know how right I am in the guidance I provide.

Reach YOUR own deep knowing of the right choices for your life.
My evidence based psychic sessions provide a personalized approach to working toward your life purpose.

Upcoming Events

  1. Deepen Your Intuition

    Are you intuitive? Truth is, we all are! Numerous scientific studies have shown that we all have the instinctual ability to know…

    October 23 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  2. Learn the Tarot Series

    Interested in learning about how to read tarot? Join the SheHive’s resident intuitive, Jane Pierce, for a ten-part Tarot series. No previous tarot experience…

    December 17 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

How I can help…

When I work with clients, my role as an intuitive reader is to be a neutral third party who brings extraordinary and deeper insight to our conversations. My evidence-based psychic sessions provide a personalized approach to working toward their life purpose and calling. I will be as accurate about the future as I am about an individual’s past; clients do not have to wait to know how right I am in the guidance I provide.

What is a customer’s life is like when you’re working with them or after?

My experience is that a customer leaves an intuitive session feeling heard and validated. Their real concerns are addressed, so they are empowered, focused and prepared for their next steps with a clear direction for their future. Whether we meet once or monthly, clients gain a relationship with me as an ally, a mentor, a facilitator who knows them and encourages the development of their gifts.

The challenge I’m solving…

While everyone deals with choices, priorities, and confusion, entrepreneurs face additional challenges in answering the question of what should I do next? To counter the overwhelming sense of information, self-doubt or second guessing, I facilitate clients reaching their own deep knowing of the right choices for their life. Intuitive counseling allows me to assist in their development of a sense of the future which guides present decisions.

Facing a difficult choice? Struggling to figure out what to do next? I can help you reach your own deep knowledge of the right decisions for your life. My intuitive counseling provides a sense of the future to guide your decisions.

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  • Kim V.
    “Having your chart done by Jane is what I would recommend above all - she will teach you more about yourself than you ever thought, and you will learn the hows and whys of what makes you tick.”
    Kim V.
  • Lance K.
    “Jane is incredible. I have consulted with her for years. Not only is her insight incredible but she also doubles as a true life coach. I am often blown away by how consistently she is able to really pinpoint my current obstacles and challenges. Most importantly she gives me brilliant insight on what needs to be addressed and advice on next steps.”
    Lance K.
  • Jessica L.
    “Jane is an amazing reader and astrologist. She shoots straight from the hip and tells it like it is. She is a wealth of knowledge and intuition! Highly recommend!”
    Jessica L.
  • Alexandria
    “Jane is an exceptional reader, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for insightful and compassionate readings. She's incredibly gifted and professional, a fantastic instructor, and her extensive knowledge on a wide range of topics is inspiring in itself.”
  • Steve L.
    “Thanks again, Jane. You're the real deal. Not the easy deal, but the real deal.”
    Steve L.

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