Jane has been a mentor and advocate for change in my life. She took me under her wing as a Tarotist, and opened my eyes to the world of astrology, energy work and philosophy. Her reading style is intelligent, connective and straightforward, and her ability to leave you with an air of confidence will give you the strength to tackle your roadblocks. Having your chart done by Jane is what I would recommend above all – she will teach you more about yourself than you ever thought, and you will learn the hows and whys of what makes you tick.

Kim V.
Kim V. – 4/25/2017 (full review)

I have never met Jane personally, but let me just say that by watching one of her You tube videos on the Tree of Life I was entranced. She has an incredible energy and her personable teaching style draws you in. I am most interested in her varied background in astrology, tarot and tree of life – she brings it all to the table with accurate insight. I wished I lived closer to meet her in person!

Annemarie L.
Annemarie L. – 6/15/2017

Jane is incredible. I have consulted with her for years. Not only is her insight incredible but she also doubles as a true life coach. I am often blown away by how consistently she is able to really pinpoint my current obstacles and challenges. Most importantly she gives me brilliant insight on what needs to be addressed and advice on next steps.

Lance K.
Lance K. – 5/27/2017

Jane is an amazing reader and astrologist. She shoots straight from the hip and tells it like it is. She is a wealth of knowledge and intuition! Highly recommend!

Jessica L.
Jessica L. – 4/18/2017

Jane is an exceptional reader, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for insightful and compassionate readings. She’s incredibly gifted and professional, a fantastic instructor, and her extensive knowledge on a wide range of topics is inspiring in itself.

Alexandria – 4/18/2017

Thanks again, Jane. You’re the real deal. Not the easy deal, but the real deal.

Steve L.
Steve L. – 5/4/2017

I had a phone reading with Jane while I was still in AZ.  Even though the information she was telling me was not easy to hear nor did I want to hear it and believe it to be true she told me very tactfully… I could tell it wasn’t easy for her either.  Also, sitting back a little over a month later EVERYTHING she said has been accurate.
She told me the relationship was over, it was and is, she told me things about her before she changed and now that are true and she would have no way of knowing.  She told me I would come back to MI for a visit and not know if I was coming back for longer until I was here, but 8 wouldn’t stay.  I didn’t know I would be coming back until the day I was leaving back to AZ and she was right again … 3 weeks and a day is the longest I am staying as I have a great opportunity out of state and will be on my way this Tuesday.

I am going to continue checking in with Jane very few months … She is truly amazing!

Shanna P.
Shanna P. – 5/29/2016 (full review)

Every reading from Jane has been incredibly accurate! She is such wealth of knowledge…her guidance and insight have helped me tremendously over the years..

Charise J.
Charise J. – 4/19/2017